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We are proud to announce our very first site going live in Bunbury. We built a site for Southwest Roof and Fencing Services and decided to go with the domain of We chose this domain as the main keywords that people use in the Bunbury area is bunbury and fencing. It is a common theme used when we are trying to attract as much traffic as we can for them.

Although the site has gone live and handover will happen to them within the next few days, we are not totally finished with You see when we deliver a site we offer 30 days Free Traffic into the deal. This means that they don’t have to pay us a penny for that traffic! For us, it feels as though we are giving them a good luck wish. We want them to do well and prosper in their business and so we give them a helping hand. We look forward to monitoring their traffic to see how much we can get for them. It should be fun!

Well thats us signing off. We wish Tony Rogers and Renee Rice all the luck with their new business venture at Southwest Roof and Fencing Services.

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